My Two Cents on the Ongoing Attempts to Build a Stronger Booklikes Community

I love that Booklikes- and I mean the users, the community that makes Booklikes- is trying to reach out to new bloggers and create a place that is vibrant and active. The creation of various posts, lists, groups, etc. that this has generated makes me proud to be a part of this place.


For what it's worth, I would like to throw a little bit of my own advice into the fray, in an effort to contribute to the ongoing mission. My primary point is this: it isn't enough to simply "like" every post by someone to consider this "active." You need to engage with those you follow and who follow you (except for trolls, obviously). Write a comment on a post that you really like, or ask a question, or start a conversation. I'm not saying you have to leave inane comments on everything, but make sure that people know what you REALLY like (or don't), as opposed to what you are "liking" for the sake of saying "hey, I read this." That is helpful in its own way, but it also often becomes a shorthand way of dealing with people. I do it fairly often myself, and I know everyone is busy. But just a few conversations now and then really help.