Top Ten Top Tens: Day 4: Bookish Pet Peeves

(Original Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish)


Continuing my Top Ten Top Tens, we now have Bookish Pet Peeves.


Books with other people’s writing and highlighting inside. Some people like this, but not me.


Series that should have ended several books ago. I understand that fans of a particular series have a hard time letting go and making money is nice, but authors really need to realize when a story has outlived its potential.


The “something meets something” or “this summer’s [previous popular title]” formula of book reviewing. Can we please be a little more original?


Books filed by what the titles imply they are, rather than what they actually are. This tends to happen in used bookstores a lot, and it’s just plain lazy. Read the description, for crying out loud.


Movie covers. Ick.


Bandwagon books. A particular book hits it big, and publishers grab up every half-assed attempt at recreating it to capture the market.


Think pieces about how adults reading YA demonstrates the immaturity of millenials. Mind your own damn business, and I’ll mind mine.


Shoehorning books into arbitrary categories for marketing. Yes, a book can be more than one thing!


People who bend the pages or mark up other people’s books (or worse, library books). How about I come to your house and write on the walls? Would you like that??


Whitewashing. Bowdlerizing. Censorship. And any other form this kind of behavior takes.