Top Ten Tuesday: December 1

While The Broke and the Bookish gets all the credit for the Top Ten Tuesday concept, their topic for this week just isn’t working for me (most anticipated debut novels of 2016- I could only come up with one). Luckily, I’m a Voracious Reader gave me a better topic to work with: Top Ten Things I Need to (Be Able to) Read. Or maybe more like, Top Ten Things I Would Really, Really Like in Order to Read.


Comfortable temperature. Too hot: angry reading. Too cold: can’t concentrate. Need a nice medium.


A few hours back to back for JUST READING. I usually have to fit my reading into my breaks at work, the time after my toddler goes to sleep, or when he (and my mother, who CANNOT RESIST talking all the time, but especially when I’m reading) are gone for the day.


Coffee or tea and a snack- usually something sweet like a nice brownie or a couple of cookies.


A pillow. You have so many more sitting-and-holding-a-book options when a pillow is involved.


My notebook and a good pen. I’ve realized I get really frustrated when I want to make a note of something and my special reading notebook is elsewhere. Yes, I have a special reading notebook. Two, actually- one for review notes, one for lists and games.


My kindle. Either because I’m reading on it, or if I’m reading print, just to know it’s there and full of options if the print book I’ve chosen isn’t up to snuff.


Comfy clothes. Preferably my pj pants and an over-sized, long sleeve shirt I’ve swiped from my husband.


Headphones. Usually they aren’t on- they just deflect interruptions, but sometimes I’ll put on some low instrumental music if I need to block out considerable noise.


A straw or something similar to chew on. This is weird, I know, but I smoke (trying unsuccessfully to quit) and having something like that to gnaw on deters me from interrupting the reading for a smoke break quite as frequently as I might without it.


A sense of relaxation. In other words, SOMETHING constructive needs to be complete (a load of laundry, the baby’s bath, dinner in the oven) before I can settle in. If I waited until everything was done, I would never read again, but something has to be scratched off the list or I can’t concentrate.