Doctor Who: Dead Air - James Goss, David Tennant 5 stars for style, but 3 for substance to average a 4. The set-up for this hour-long audio adventure was creative: it proposes to be a real recording of the Doctor's adventure as it's happening. There are pros and cons aplenty here:

*David Tennant's narration
*the "real" recording premise
*Layla, the Liverpudlian temporary companion is cute, if clueless (and the Liverpool accent that Tennant gives her is endearing)
*sound quality supports the set-up (cuts in and out, artificial static, etc)

*too short and abrupt; there is not enough build-up for a real mystery
*the enemy is lackluster
*the other people on the ship are 60's cliches

Overall: Worth a listen (I mean, it's only an hour) but not the best of Tennant's audiobook appearances.