Doctor Who: The Krillitane Storm

Doctor Who: The Krillitane Storm - Christopher Cooper,  Will Thorp Another 5-star Who adventure. I have been thoroughly enjoying the solo 10th Doctor stories I have been reading lately. Krillitane Storm was the first 10th Doctor adventure I have experienced, and it has made me hopeful as I work my way through more of them. My initial introduction to Who novels was with the 11th Doctor, which was good, but Tennant has made such an indelible impression as the Doctor that he translates almost effortlessly to the page. Some have said that he is too eccentric, too easily patterned, but I disagree. Novelizations of TV characters do not have a high success rate- visual cues are difficult to capture without ponderous description- but 10's little twitches and turns of phrase are easy to capture and visualize, whereas the defining characteristics of 11 are more subtle.

I have found that when writing reviews it is easier for me to write out a few lines concerning the most important impressions, and then summarize the broader pros and cons in a more truncated list:

Overall: 5-star Who

*great setting: Earth's Medieval past
*good use of recurring aliens from TV, with a twist on the species to make it more interesting
*doctor perfectly rendered and true to character
*strong plotting with excellent little twists
*Captain Dark well characterized as a temporary companion/helper

*poor lead-up to the "dragon," he is easily dispatched and not adequately integrated into the story
*maybe a little more exciting in the build-up than the resolution

*temporary female companion about average (minus points for referring to her father as "daddy" in a very dramatic moment)