Internet Blues

So I've been steering myself to only the most fun, frivolous, candy-like reading for the last few weeks and I've been wondering why. Not that reading those things is bad, but I don't usually read ONLY Adventure Time comics and Doctor Who books.


Turns out it is just internet-induced depression.


There are so many things going on that are terrible and don't seem to be getting any better (this is true in life as well, but I am not fed a constant stream of it to be more aware). Fucking GamerGate, STGRB, MRAs, constant online harassment of women, trans people and PoC. I'm on a constant rage-high, and it is draining my battery. I know I should probably just take a social media break or something, but I care about a lot of these things and don't want to just back out and pretend they aren't there. Not too long ago, I got jumped on by some hashtag-camping GGer on Twitter, and that is ridiculously mild compared with what other more recognizable people have to deal with.


I guess all I'm really saying is the world is full of assholes and I'm having a hard time dealing with it lately.


Maybe it's also a warning. Anyone that comes around me talking about "meninism," "ethics in game journalism," "my racist/sexist/transphobic/homophobic comment was a joke," "reverse racism/sexism," or any combination thereof can just get the fuck out right now.