College Student Wants to "Eradicate" Graphic Novels from Curriculum

This might be one of the dumbest things I've read lately. A student attending Crafton Hills College is freaked out by the content of some graphic novels in her English class, and now wants them banned. Uh, did she not get the memo? COLLEGE is for challenging material. Also, where has she been in the last 20 years, as graphic novels have long been more than "Batman and Robin" (her phrase for "safe," I guess, which is a whole different can of moronic worms)? I'm happy to say, the school basically told her to STFU. I mean, she thought Persepolis and Fun Home were "pornographic?" They are memoirs, for fuck's sake. She roped a bunch of people into protesting, including parents.


You get a reading list before you have to decide to stay in a class; if you don't want to look into those titles to see if they are going to wound your delicate sensibilities, maybe college isn't the place for you.


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