Top Ten Top Tens Day 6: Top Ten to Re-Read

I've come to the realization that logging onto my home computer on the weekends is just not a thing that is going to happen (the toddler will not let me focus on the computer for more than two minutes). So here I am posting this about 4 days from the last one, so much for "every day" for ten days...


Anyway, today's list for Day 6 is Top Ten to Re-Read:


1. The Harry Potter series. I re-read these once a year; they are my comfort read, and my perspective is forever changing as I get older. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to start reading them and we can experience them together.


2. Jane Austen’s 6 major novels. Another annual re-read. Of all of them, I think Emma rewards re-reading the most, but they are all worth it. They never get old.


3. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I’ve read it twice, and will likely tackle it again. With a book so large and so full of extra information (all those footnotes), there is always something new to discover.


4. Practical Magic. This one may not bear repeating for many readers, but it’s another one I turn to when I need encouragement or to relax. It’s kind of like reading the same fairy tale over and over.


5. The Forsyte Saga. It’s big and sprawling and full of flawed characters. No matter how many times I read it, the first interlude makes me tear up every time.


6. The Shining. This is a great book to experience as a teenager and then again as an adult. Everything takes on new meanings.


7. The Hitchhiker’s Guide series. It will always, ALWAYS make me laugh.


8. Alice in Wonderland. Another one that changes dramatically if you read it first as a kid and later as an adult.


9. The House of Mirth. Like Austen, Wharton’s pointed critiques never lose their sting.


10. Cranford. Once I visited Cranford, I had to go back again. Even though it makes me cry (in a good way).


(Original Top Ten Tuesday posts from The Broke and the Bookish)