The Triple Digit Club, or I Just Hit 100 Followers

I know by social media standards 100 followers is small potatoes. But for someone who doesn’t network and generally doesn’t share my work extensively, hitting 100 is a big deal. Welcome, followers new and old, to a little post I like to call About Me (you know, just in case you followed by accident and you want to ding dong ditch. It’s ok, I won’t hold it against you).


As this list shows, I'm a list maker. Can't get enough lists.


I’m a 30-something mom who married her high school sweetheart. This frames the way I look at relationships and children, obviously, but other than that really isn’t that important.


I have two registers in which I write: chatty and sprinkled liberally with fucks, or dry and pedantic. I can’t seem to fuse the two, or stick with one over the other.


I’m a feminist and loud about social issues. Some may even call me strident. To them, I say thank you.


I like to argue. Not in an angry way. What’s that called again? Oh yeah, debate. I like debate, especially when I can learn something from it.


I like a wide range of books, from contemporary hipster lit fic to pulp sci-fi and everything in between. I’m not a big romance reader, though I’m trying to make some forays into the genre so I don’t feel like I’m being a giant snob. I really love comics and graphic novels, though I’m always really far behind on what is actually going on in the world of comics.


Jane Austen is my favorite author. And when I write about her, she is “Jane Austen” or “Austen” NOT “Ms. Austen” or “Jane.” I think she deserves more respect than a lot of people give her.


99% of my opinions are not set in stone. I don’t want to ever say I know something for sure- inflexibility is the path to assholery.


I’m a proofreader by profession, and get really irritated by grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes (which, of course, I often make myself). I won’t correct fellow posters- sometimes you’re just in a hurry, or whatever, but I will take it into account in published works, and also in my own work. If you find errors in my stuff, PLEASE TELL ME because I must fix it before I come back to it weeks later and see my horrible blunder.


I’m not terribly interesting. I mostly just read books, watch Doctor Who, and work. Thanks for following anyway!