My 2015 Reading in Review: Part 1

Since I don't expect to finish anything significant before the end of the year, I went ahead and tallied up my 2015 reading stats. Actually, I became a little obsessed with transforming my reading into numbers, color-coded spreadsheets, and graphs. Once I had amassed all this info, I then decided to try something new: transform all that data into a pretty infographic. On the downside, I don't have a premium subscription to the particular service I use, so I can't download the PDF version to share (which really sucks). I did, however, publish it on their community page and you can check it out via the link if you like.


This is my first infographic design, so I kept it as simple as possible (definitely tell me what you think, but please be gentle...). I'm hoping to tackle a more complex version when I break down my Read Harder Challenge progress for my final 2015 update.


 EDIT: I did finally figure out how to work around the system and export a so-so image. Sharing in a separate post.