Top Ten Tuesday: April 26


April 26: Top Ten Bookworm Delights


(Original Top Ten Tuesday concept and topic thanks to The Broke and the Bookish)


Spending hours in the used book store

            The used book store is my “me” place. Every chance I get I like to slip away from work, kids, bills, and non-book things and just browse for unexpected treasures.



Rediscovering a book I loved years ago and finding that it’s still just as good

            I reread a lot, which means some disappointment but also some great surprises.


Finding something new in a book I’ve read before

            Books that are truly great reward you every time you read them again.


Making infographics and charts of reading data

            I like compiling data and seeing it in all of its visualized glory.


A freshly organized library (physical and/or digital)

            The feeling of having everything in its place and knowing exactly where to find something: priceless.


A paperback of the perfect size and weight

            There’s just something about the way certain books feel in your hands.


Books with worn leather covers

            I own an old copy of Henry Esmond by William Makepeace Thackery. Will I ever read it? Probably not. But it is a tiny little quarto sized volume with onionskin pages and the butteriest, softest old leather cover, so I have to keep it, if only just to hold it occasionally and have it look very sophisticated on my shelf.



Having a whole day to do nothing but read

            I have a toddler. In other words, spending the whole day reading is not usually an option. When it does happen though, it’s like heaven.


The feeling of responsibility fulfilled when I pay my library fines  

            I’m terrible about dealing with due dates. I should be more responsible, but frankly the money is going to a great place and that fresh feeling of paying off a tiny debt is kind of nice.


Swapping books with someone who appreciates your taste and vice versa

            For me, this is particular to comic books. I have a friend who is forever looking for new indie comic titles, and since he doesn’t have kids, he usually gets his hands on expensive or really new stuff that I can borrow in exchange for a few of my lesser-known titles. The best part is we can then have awesome conversations about comics.