Top Ten Tuesday: May 10, 2016


Top Ten Tuesday May 10: Ten Websites I Waste Time on That (mostly) Aren't About Books


(Concept, topic, and logo all from The Broke and the Bookish)


Tor: I know the guidelines are for sites not about books, but I actually don’t really use the Tor site for book stuff. Rather, it is one of my go-to places for TV recaps and reviews. I also love when they do re-watches and re-reads of older work and see how it holds up (a hobby of mine I would like to have time to indulge more).


Flavorwire: A culture site devoted to books, art, television, film, current events, etc. I respect their writers and their occasionally contrarian reviews of popular media.


The Sartorialist: I love street style, and The Sartorialist is the premiere place to see amazing style all over the world and on people of all genders and ages (a rarity for street style blogs).


Io9: There is a definite pattern emerging, as this is another place I go to frequently for pop culture updates and television recaps.


Kotaku: More pop culture, usually focused on video games but sometimes just random Japanese trends.


Refinery29: Fashion, makeup, beauty. All that good "girly" stuff plus articles on sex, relationships, etc.


Buzzfeed: Who doesn’t waste the occasional block of time on Buzzfeed listicles? They also do pretty good long form journalism.


Vulture: A go-to place for what's going on in all the TV shows I don't watch but am inexplicably interested in.


The Daily Beast: Like Vulture, but often a little more insightful and with more space given to current events as well as entertainment. I’m always looking for more pieces like Arthur Chu’s “Your Princess is in Another Castle.”


Pinterest: This is the only social media I’m including, since it’s really the only social media I spend huge swathes of time on, mostly for closet inspiration and to find really amazing costume ideas and cosplay.