I took a Professional Practices in Art class in college. As part of the class, we each had to maintain a blog where we presented our work, researched and critiqued work, and generally showed that we were involved in the world of ideas. Part of the assignment included creating an alter-ego to serve as our avatars in the blogosphere (I had a really awesome art professor). Mine was Mintee Fresch, and this is her story.



Born on a nudist colony in Dodge City, Alaska, Mintee Fresch quickly developed a love of clothes. She began her foray into design early, using the only other member of her family who appreciated fashion, her dog Juniper, as her model. At the ripe age of 13, Mintee and her canine companion got the hell out of Dodge and headed for New York City. Arriving in the city, Mintee quickly established herself as the foremost designer of canine couture, though she soon moved on to two-legged clients. After years of collaboration, Mintee and Juniper parted ways to pursue separate interests; Juniper quickly made a name for herself as the premier cover model of Fancy Mutt magazine. The year 1989 saw a milestone in the career of Ms. Fresch, when a tragic jigsaw puzzle accident resulted in the loss of her left eye, an event which prompted the creation of her line of fashion-forward eye patches. Igniting a fad of epic proportions in the early 90’s, her couture ocular coverings could be seen on the most fashionable faces the world over. Adhering to her mantra “Everyone should wear clothes,” she is currently collaborating with New York City’s rising star of hybrid drag queen chic, Acid Betty.