#Bookadayuk Day 6: Favorite Book of Short Stories

Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri

This is the first #bookadayuk entry that came easily, no hedging and no qualms. Jumpha Lahiri's debut collection of stories reads like the work of a seasoned pro, and actually had a profound effect on my reading life.


I first read the collection in college, as part of a course in international fiction. Before college, I had read a few classics, but most of my reading was either in fantasy and science fiction, or more generic young adult stuff. So the bittersweet, unresolved, and decidedly adult quality of the stories was new and surprising for me- a whole new kind of reading experience was suddenly opened up, and in a classroom no less. I've since read nearly all of her work, excepting her newest The Lowland, though hopefully I'll get around to that one, too.